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University representatives


Representation of all KUG Students at the highest level of the university

Strategic Leading of the ÖH-KUG

Allocation of the budget

Voting for chairs and for the departments representatives

Delegation in the collegial organs of the KUG


The election for Student Representatives is held every two years, voted on by students within the various departments of the university.

Next Election: May 2021



Simon Kintopp // Liste Delphin & Drache
Elisabeth Seitinger // Liste Delphin & Drache
Thorsten Schwarz // Liste Delphin & Drache
Justina Vaitkute // Liste Delphin & Drache
Chang-Jun Choi // Liste Delphin & Drache
Aleksandra Skrilec // Liste Delphin & Drache
Urban Megusar // Liste Delphin & Drache
Andre Menrath // Liste Kunst
Bianca Gröbner // Liste Kommunistischer Student*innenverband KSV-KJÖ