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General Consultation

Here you can get…

personal advice for general concerns.

Business hours of the office:

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 15:00 Uhr

Outside of the business hours you can send us a mail or arrange a personal meeting!



Justina Vaitkute // Referee
Julia Fleck // Assistant
Anastasiia Gerasina // Assistant
Victoria Grilz // Assistant
Kaya Meller // Assistant
Sofia Pinaeva // Assistant

Education policy and Tuition aw

Here you can get information about…

Examination Rights

Tuition Law

Other legal questions concerning everyday life


Further Duties

Assessment of study-related policy drafts

Assistance in legal questions for student representatives

Assistance in the creation of curricula

Consultation of the student representatives sent to academic committees

Consultation of the president and various departments on higher-education policy 


Sebastian Höft // interim-referee
Rene Podbevsek // Assistant
Markus Schwarz // Assistant

Social and Equal Treatment Issues

Here you can receive…

Support and representation in the event of verbal and/or physical assaults against students.

Support and representation for students in same-sex partnerships.


Further Duties

Coordination with the work group for equal treatment issues (Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen = AKG)

Support on gender equality in all areas concerning students.

Representation of foreign students‘ interests in regards to equal treatment issues

Active advocacy for equal treatment

Active advocacy against discrimination






Nina Wöhry // Referee
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka // Assistant


Here you can receive…

Specific information about studying in Oberschützen

Information about living in Oberschützen

Contact information for important institutions/facilities

Information about the transfer between Graz and Oberschützen






Yaroslav Martynov // Referee
Maria Ruxandra Rus // Assistant



Planning, organization and realization of ÖH-KUG events







N.N. // Referee
Alyona Pynzenyk // Assistant
Markus Amreich // Assistant

Public Relations




Publishing kontrapunkt – newspaper of ÖH-KUG  

Editorial report of all publications

Organization of press releases

Homepage and Social-Media

Creation of Print media


Data entry for preexisting promotion material





Pia Madlberger // Referee
Johanna Seitinger // Assistant
Viktor Mutic // Assistant

Social Policy and Health

Here you can receive…




Financial Support for German Language Courses

Info on Housing

Info on Working while studying

Info on Self-insurance for students

Info on Financial housing assistance for students

Info on Child Day Care – studying with children

Info on Social activities of the ÖH-KUG

Info on the social fund of the federal representation of the ÖH






Isabella Sedlaczek // Referee

Economic Issues




Preparation of the financial statements

Preparation of the annual estimate

Closing of legal transactions in consultation with the chairperson






Sebastian Tödling // Deputy Referee

Leadership Team

Here you can receive…

Support and help with problems of everyday university life

Direct representation in your interests



Within the ÖH:

Internal Organisation

Public relations



Coordination and contact for “MaturantInnenberatung”

Coordination and contact for ESN (Erasmus and other programs)

Cooperation with the Welcome Center of KUG

Mentoring of the cooperation partners of ÖH-KUG


Members of committees of the KUG:

Respondent in the University Council

Curriculum Committee


Simon Kintopp // Chairperson
Ivan Trenev // 1st Deputy Chairperson

Student Representation



Representation of all students of the KUG at the highest level of the university

Strategic orientation of the ÖH-KUG

Allocation of the budget

Election of the chairperson and the departments

Deployment of the commissions of the KUG




Ivan Trenev // Liste Delphin & Drache
Simon Kintopp // Liste Delphin & Drache
Eva Neumair // Liste Delphin & Drache
Anna Valentina Semlitsch // Liste Delphin & Drache
Johanna Seitinger // Liste Delphin & Drache
Sebastian Tödling // Liste Delphin & Drache
Floris Tobias Fortin // Liste Delphin & Drache
Justina Vaitkute // Liste Delphin & Drache
Nina Wöhry // Liste Grüne Studierende

Student Representation

Currently, student representatives exist for the study-programs of Electrical Engineering – Sound Engineering, Musicology and Classical Voice.

If a study program does not have its own representative, then the student union takes over the duties and the budget.



Thorsten Schwarz // Chairperson
Julia Fleck // Deputy Chairperson
Susanne Göttlich // Mandatary

Electrical Engineering – Sound Engineering

Michael Reiter // Chairperson
Samuel Maurer // Deputy Chairperson
Monika Steinbäck // Mandatary

Voice (classical)

Roman Ruckhofer // Chairperson
Katia Ledoux // Deputy Chairperson
Valentino Blasina // Mandatary

Join us

You wish to…


Be active as a volunteer?

Improve the studying environment?

Try out and develop your ideas?

Be heard?

Work in a team on your visions and goals?

Do more than just practice, practice, practice?


Then come by, apply and join us! The team of the ÖH-KUG is always searching for support, not only in the departments but also in the area of studying.

If you’re interested, drop into our office and talk with us – we love it when students are active and motivated!


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