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Due to the situation caused by COVID-19,there will be no events in summer semester 2020.

We have set up a YouTube Channel for you, which should serve as a follow-up of our concert series "Tunes@Tube´s".

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Every month we organize a free brunch for students in which a guest speaker shares valuable insight, served with a side of tips on being successful and how to deal with obstacles along the way. Bio here stands for biography!

Our goal is to build a platform that can lead to inspiration, motivation, and new ideas, where interesting personalities have space to share insight into their career paths, the kind of talks which there might not be much time for in daily university life.


For the summer semester 2020, unfortunately there are no dates for the BioBrunch, due to the situation caused by COVID-19!

We - hopefully - see again in winter semester 2020/21 with the next BioBrunch!

Each semester we put on a series of monthly concerts hosted at tube´s cafe (https://www.facebook.com/tubescafe/). Our goal is to offer KUG students a paid, professional opportunity to perform in a setting which challenges the borders of genre and institutes within the university.


Due the situation caused by COVID-19, there are no events in summer semester 2020!

But we set up a YouTube channel, which should serve as a follow up for our concert series "Tunes@Tube´s".