The recognition of exam scores from accredited international or Austrian post-secondary educational facilities (e.g., Hochschule, Universität) is possible.

Here is information on how to request for a recognition of exam scores:

1) A preliminary consultation should be made with ÖH staff member Ana Jovic or Jasmin Gamsjäger to help determine which exams or courses are able to be recognized, as well as to confirm that the necessary documents are complete. Appointments:

2) After a successful consultation, our ÖH staff will make an appointment with you to help guide you through registering the relevant information into the KUG Online System.

3) Submit your printed, signed Request for Recognition, including the necessary documents (document in languages other than German, French, or English, must be submitted as certified translations, and, when necessary, with Apostille or full diplomatic certification) to your respective Curriculum Commission.

4) The Chair of your Curriculum Commission compiles a report and submits it to the Dean of Students.

Important: The Chair of your Curriculum Commission writes a report independently. The decision whether recognition is possible depends on the competence of the chair of your Curriculum Commission.

5) The Dean of Students reviews your recognition request and reaches a conclusion whether it will be authorized.

You will then receive a notice per mail detailing in what extent your request was authorized. The results can also be found on KUG-online.

Consider that processing a request can take up to two months, or longer if required documents are not submitted complete.

So please don't forget to submit early! We recommend that recognition requests to be submitted as early as possible (in the best case during the first semester of study), so that it is clear which courses / exams have to taken at the KUG.