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Am 13.12. und 14.12. sammeln wir Überlebensnotwendiges für den Winter für Menschen in Bosnien und Griechenland. Wir kooperieren mit „Graz:Spendenkonvoi“ und „Wandel“. Sie bringen unsere Spenden direkt zu den Menschen, die sie am dringendsten benötigen.

Sonntag 13.12. von 10.00-13.00
Montag 14.12. von 15:00-18.00

Winter Kleidung und Schuhe, Hygieneartikel, Schlafsäcke, Decken.
Die Sachen sollten in einem guten Zustand und sauber sein.

ÖH-KUG Büro (Leonhardstraße 21, A-8010 Graz)
COVID-19 Maßnahmen
Bei Übergabe bitte einen Mund-Naseschutz tragen.
Bei Problemen einfach unter 0681 20860139 melden.

Wir freuen uns über jede einzelne Spende, egal wie groß!
Teilt bitte die Informationen über unsere Aktion und ladet eure Freunde ein.
Mehr über die Arbeit von „Graz:Spendekonvoi“ und „Wandel“ findet ihr hier:
Charity fundraising for refugees in need
On December 13th and 14th, we will be collecting desperately needed items for winter, for people in Bosnia and Greece.
We are cooperating with „Graz:Spendenkonvoi“ and „Wandel“, who will be bringing the collected goods directly to those in need.

Sunday, December 13th from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.
Monday, December 14th from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Clothing and shoes suitable for winter, hygiene products, sleeping bags and blankets.
The items should be clean and in a good condition.

ÖH-KUG office (Leonhardstraße 21, A-8010 Graz)
COVID-19 precautions
Please wear a mask when you bring the donations to our office!
If you have questions simply call 0681 20860139.
We are happy and thankful for every single donation, no matter how big or small!

Please share the information about this fundraising and invite your friends.
To learn more about the work of „Graz:Spendekonvoi“ and „Wandel“ visit:

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The ÖH Concert series is moving into virtual platform yet again!

Due to the current second lock-down situation we are announcing a call for video recordings of living- room concerts and performances of our students in order to encourage their creativity, boost their motivation and give a small financial support.

Every Friday we will upload one video on our ÖHome youtube channel:

Apply now with a video of your digital performance!
We are looking forward to your creativity – the announcement is open to all kinds of performances – be it music, theater, dance or a little bit of everything.

We want to support you, so next to “clicks” you will get a financial compensation as well!

Apply by sending all the necessary materials to
Note that we consider applications only with unreleased-unpublished-new video recordings!

The compensation is 80€ per KUG student participating in the video.
External musicians receive a compensation of 20€.
A compensation can be paid only once per semester per person – even if participating f.e. in other videos of colleagues.

Guidelines and requirements

1. To apply send us your video and the two documents: „ÖHome Concerts Data Privacy“ & „ÖHome Concerts Application“ via email to

2. There is no application deadline.

3. The length of the video must be minimum 15 minutes

4. Quality: the video must have a good sound and visual quality: Staging: Prepare your living room as a stage – put effort in clothes, scenario, lights etc. These will play a role while choosing applications.
Technical aspects: Record audio and video as good as possible according to your possibilities (avoid bad quality mobile phone recordings!).
If you do not have the needed equipment – please contact us and we might be able to help you!

5. The video must consist of: A moderation of the performance: Introduce yourself to the audience, give some information about the project, tell us titles and details of the pieces you are going to play. We suggest to spread the moderation/talking time alongside with the music, to do some small breaks and avoid tiring-long introductions.
The performance itself: Artistic freedom. Go for it!

6. Video link: Due to capacity issues, we kindly ask you to upload (not send) your video on an online platform (like youtube, vimeo, google drive, etc), mark it as private and send us the link. If we choose your video we will then contact you for uploading it on our youtube channel.

7. The line-up is free: Solo, duo, trio, ensemble with your flatmates, a “virtual” ensemble or any other line-up is possible. Please note: Maximum 10 people per video!
Please follow the guidelines regarding the Coronavirus restrictions in your country!

8. Removal of your video (see „ÖHome Concert Data Privacy“):If you do request the removal of your video from the YouTube channel of ÖH-KUG within 8 weeks after the publication through ÖH-KUG, we reserve the right to reclaim the full, paid compensation.

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Die krassesten Punkte:

  • Einschränkung/Verbot von Mehrfachinskription
  • Mindestanzahl an ECTS/Semester, sonst sofortige Exmatrikulation
  • Entdemokratisierung der Universitäten/Senate (u.a. Kompetenzverlagerung hin zu den Rektoraten, weniger Mitsprache bei Rektoratswahlen)

Die Petition "NEIN zu noch mehr Leistungsdruck im Studium!" kannst du hier unterzeichnen:

Mehr Infos in eurer KUG Mail. 



Some of the changes:

  • Restriction/prohibition of the enrollment of multiple studies.
  • Minimum number of ECTS per semester or otherwise you get exmatriculated, no excuses
  • De-democratization of the university (including a shift in competencies to the rectorates, less participation in rectorate elections)

You can sign the petition "NO to even more pressure and stress in your studies!" here:

For more information check your KUG Mail.

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➡️Semesterstipendium -
Für Studierende ab dem 3. Semester
Für Studierende mit Kind(ern)
Für Studierende mit positivem Abschluss eines Deutschkurses zwischen 01.10.1019-01.10.2020
Mehr Infos HIER
? Antragsformular per E-Mail an zu senden.
➡️Semesterstipendium -
For students from the 3. Semester
➡Parental support
For students being parents
➡German course financial support
For students who have successfully completed a German course between 01.10.1019-01.10.2020
More information HERE
? Application form to be submitted per E-Mail:

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Monday - Wednesday 9:00 - 12:00
Outside business hours only with personal appointment.



Montag - Mittwoch 9:00 - 12:00
Außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten nur mit Termin.

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