ÖHome Concerts – Season 3

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The ÖH Concert series is opening a new season in the virtual platform!

Due to the duration of the concert restrictions, we are announcing a new call for video performances of our students in order to encourage their creativity, boost their motivation and give some financial support! All kind of performances are welcome - including music, theater, dance or a little bit of everything.

Every Friday we will upload one video on our ÖHome youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNP0MrLPO4jNZsNr0jlGoIQ?

Apply now by sending all the necessary materials to oeh-organisation@kug.ac.at!

Note that we consider applications only with unreleased-unpublished-new video recordings.

Here are the positive changes of this season for you:

The compensation is now 120€ per KUG student participating in the video.
External musicians / external technicians receive a compensation of 40€.

A compensation can be paid only once per semester per person – even if participating f.e. in other videos of colleagues.

Summary of requirements: 

- Minimum video duration of 15 minutes

- Must include moderation + performance!

- Video quality will play a role in choosing applications! Take care of a good video and sound quality, staging, lights, etc.

See the detailed Guidelines and requirements as well as application procedure in the following pdf document as well as in your KUG email. 


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